Camp Banners and Final Battle

Chapter 13 - Camp Banners and Final Battle

Every camp gets a banner. This banner is to be protected and kept safe for the time of the Drachenfest. Only those camps who can hoist their banner on the last day, the day of the final battle, can win Drachenfest for himself.

13.1 The Rules of Drachenfest

Final Battle

  • The winner of the final battle is the winner of the Drachenfest.
  • Only camps, which have a place in the dragons' pantheon and which are leaded into battle by one of their camp who carries the camp's banner, are able to fight for victory for themselves.
  • The camp whose banner is the last one standing on the battlefield is the winner.
  • Each camp whose Avatar is going into battle with the own banner can win the battle.
  • Banners which are captured during the battle have to be carried into a previously declared safety zone.
  • If the banner of a camp is inside of the safety zone, it is considered to be fallen. The camp can not win anymore but the remaining fighters can still interfere with the battle.
  • The final battle takes place on Saturday at 2 o'clock (pm).
  • There is the festival peace on Saturday from noon so that the combatants can calmly prepare for the final battle.

Camp Banners

  • Each camp that has a place in the dragons' pantheon possesses a banner.
  • Banners can be captured by conquering a camp with banner(s).
  • Of course, banners can be recaptured in the same way.
  • Several banners can be captured if there are several standard bearers involved in the attack.
  • The capture of a banner is only possible if a GM is present.
  • A banner can not be carried in or through the city.
  • A camp without banner is sheltered from any other attacks. It is not possible to attack this camp with more than 20 warriors and the gate is protected by the dragons against all siege weapons.
  • A camp that owns a foreign but no own banner can be attacked normally.
  • A camp without a banner can capture any banner. A camp with banner(s) can self-evidently do so, too.
  • A camp is considered as conquered if there is no resistance on the fighting battle by the defender. The exact moment is declared by the GM of that battle.
  • Banners which can not be taken along right after the battle can not be taken afterward. The banner of the camp is protected by the foreign banners the camp possesses. That is to say that the foreign banners have to be captured before the own banner gets lost.
  • The banners have to be installed at the border of the fighting zone or if possible above the gate.
  • If there are taverns in the camp they have to located that way, so that the banners are not in the visual range of the taverns' guests.
  • Each camp (the camps without their own banners as well) has to appoint a standard bearer for the period of one day. Each day there has to be an other standard bearer because otherwise the power of the banner would consume him. Only this standard bearer and if necessary the Avatar are able and allowed to carry a banner! The standard bearer and as the case may be the Avatar transfer the captured banner to the own camp.
  • Only a Avatar with the banner of the camp can lead his camp into the final battle.
  • It is possible to get back the own camp's banner in another way than by capture (see also “The Dragon Eggs”).

The Standard Bearer

  • Each camp can conjure a banner belt at the energy place which can be carried by only member of the camp. One person can carry it for one day at most.
  • Only the person wearing the banner belt is allowed to carry the banner.
  • The banner can only be transported upright and in the holding of the banner belt.
  • If he carries a banner, the standard bearer can only pace (walk very slowly) and is immune against all damage be it magic, weapons or poisons. He can not attack anybody with weapons or magic.
  • Wird ein Bannerträger von mindestens 1 Person eines anderen Lagers gestellt, muss er stehenbleiben.
  • Wenn ein Bannerträger alleine mit dem Banner gestellt wird und die ihn stellenden Personen einen eigenen Bannergürtel dabei haben, muss der Bannerträger auf Aufforderung das Banner übergeben.

The Dragon Eggs

  • The Dragon Eggs can be gained by fulfilling challenges of the Avatar.
  • Once placed in the sanctuary they can not be removed.
  • Four eggs can be immolated at the own energy place to get back the own banner.
  • The Avatar is able to use the power of the eggs to give a bonus to his camp.