Death And Limbus

Chapter 8 – Death And Limbus


Dying means the loss of the character's life. Characters can die in the following ways in the world of the dragons :

  • By reducing the hit points to zero or beneath and announced and performed deathblow.
  • By reducing the hit points to zero or beneath and the absence of healing during the next 10 minutes.
  • By successful performance of the guild skill “assassinate” and announced and performed deathblow.

Exception: Characters with the character skill “Body Regeneration” can not bleed to death, therefore they won't die if there is no healing. Dies a character in one of the ways explained in “Dying” he is dead.
After a character died in one of the explained ways he lies on the place he died for 5 minutes (where appropriate in addition to the 10 minutes explained in “Dying”) and after that he immediately sets off Out-Of-Game for the Limbus (arms crossed – see also “Special Calls”). When entering the Limbus, the dead character is In-Game again. The character as a dead person can not implement any character skills than Read / Write and Basic Mathematics. This also includes combat operations. If he achieves the EXIT of the Limbus, he reenters the realm of the dragons and the character is alive again. If not, the character is definitively dead (see more in “Definitive Dead”).

The Limbus

Once the fight of the dragons had cost the lives of too many mortals. That is the reason for the dragons to decide that death shall not reach their combatants. But it is not so easy to get rid of the Death and so he created the Limbus to have at least some influence on the tide of events.
This implies: Characters who die outside of the Limbus or outside of the common ritual circle are aspirated in the Limbus (the player betakes to the Limbus 10 minutes after the character's death), where they - with a little luck and fate - recover their character's life.
Annotation: This manner of getting back to life is not to be understood as a “reanimation”!

Definitive Dead

The definitive dead of a character can be caused by three modes according to the criteria described in ”Dying”.

  • Dying within the common ritual circle
  • Non-achievement of the Limbus' exit
  • Decision of the player to let his own character die

If a character's life is lost after the criteria of “definitive dead” he is definitively and irrevocably dead. The player is not allowed to play this character any more!
Annotation: If a player wants to let his character die in the world of the dragons, he is not forced to play the character after death. If so, he does not go into the Limbus but gives his character card and all components belonging to it to the particular GM of the camp. Dies a character inside of the common ritual circle, the player gives the character card and all components belonging to it to the particular GM of the ritual circle.
Remark: If a character died, the player creates his new character inside of the Orgaplex.