Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 - Character skills

  • This set of rules permits all character races and classes. There are no race- or class-based advantages or disadvantages. Due to the abstract nature of all character skills and no class restrictions in obtaining them, and also the possibilities offered by the character rank system, a player can create character according to his or her imagination. In the same way, an existing character created under different rules can be converted to the rules of Drachenfest.
  • The rules apply to the creation of a new character as well as to the conversion of an existing character. They apply to every character.
  • It is not possible to make character specific special arrangements for individual players.
  • It is also possible to learn additional character skills from the guilds. These skills can only be acquired in-game on the Drachenfest at the guild houses.

1.2 Magic Items and Potions

There are no magic items or potions inside of the world of the dragons that were not produced inside of the world of the dragons itself.


A common question is why certain character, magic or alchemy skills are not part of the rules. There are different reasons for this:

We want to enforce free play. This means to regulate as less as possible and only as much as needed. In the end, your own imagination, which is the major motivator for our hobby, should be paramount.
Many terms are therefore uncommon and/or abstract. But just because something is not explicitly mentioned, that does not neccessarily mean you can or may not do it. We have generalized certain magic skills to cater to individual magical styles. For example the skill Energy Ball (Energieball), which represents a multitude of damage-dealing spells (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, etc.). Only the effects of magic skills are described, but not their origin. The Spellcaster can display the origin of a spell by the spell formula he or she uses. This could be - among others - a prayer to a god, calling upon the power of nature or the channeling of magical powers.
Only the standardized announcement is very important for the system of rules but – even more – for the other players' possibility to react to what have been said. Many magic/cleric/druid spells have different names but nearly an identical function. But why so many rules if the presentation knows so many forms of interpretations?
Another reason is the gathering of so many different international system of rules and styles of play. Most of the players are converting/creating their characters only once a year with the system of rules of the Drachenfest.

As a little example:

“Why do I not find the skill “legerdemain“ in this system of rules? My character is based on it but I can not find an alternative.” This question can be answered representative for so many questions. The other players do not have to react to it. It is a great performance but there is no direct impact on the others, disadvantage nobody and is like a sleight of hand. That is why there have to be no rules for it. Let your imagination roam free and play that out to enrich the role playing by your good ideas. But please keep in mind: Not every idea of yours which you like very must, will be liked by the others. Some of them are a safety hazard for a certain situation if you take a closer look at them. We are trying to prevent such cases by certain rules. Thus take care for each other and have a wonderful play with and not against each other.