Magic Skills

Chapter 3 - Magic Skills

3.1 – Description of Magic Skills

The Drachenfest Rules are meant to give everyone the possibility to individually create his or her character. To leave enough space for everyone's imagination, the rules do not distinguish between magic as used by magicians, priests or shamans. Since the way how you effect your spell is not set down in the rules, and each spell does not have to be cast using one particular set of words, it is possible for every player to show the difference between their kind or way of magic and someone else's through their own play.
It is for this reason that this skill is not "Use of Magic", but "Magic Skills" - so that the origins are not as set or marked, and you can act out your own ideas [within a given framework for everyone's orientation].

General Information:

  • To get access to any magic skill, you need the character skill "Access to Magic Skills". This skill allows you to "buy" magic skills and use them on a level (i.e. with a rank of) 1.
  • A character can and may only learn a specific magic skill once. The more experienced the character is with regard to using magic, the higher the number of spells (i.e. magic skills) he will be able to wield, and the deeper is his wisdom of magic both in theory and practice.
  • The experience of a magic wielding character is reflected in the number of magic ranks he or she possesses. For each 5 points invested in aquiring magic skills the character gains +1 magic rank. [Note: The character skill "Access to Magic Skills" already counts as one point here!]

NOTE: If for some reason your character only knows one or two spells, but knows them extremely well which you would like to show by giving the character more magic ranks, there is always the possibility of "Additional Magic Rank". The skill "Additional Magic Rank" can level up the magic rank up to the maximum rank of 10.

Important: It is NOT possible to use magic while wearing any amount of armour!
And please also note the additional restrictions that apply for the skill "Magic Armour"

Magic Skills formula / Spells

Each use of "magic skills" must be spoken out loud and be represented corresponding gestures. The words of this spell are not given, but can be choosen by each player individually.
The spell must include a minimum of 10 words and shall be repeated for the selected mage rank.
At the end of the spell - not before - the user calls for the target and, says clearly (so that it leads to no confusion), the respective English
Magic Skills designation (see the table: CALL) and its Magic Rank (also in English).

Magic Rank

(Please do not be confused with the character ranking system with ranks the character!) The strength of the chosen magic skill is in applying dar.
?The user can magic rank up to him to determine the available free magic rank.?
The maximum possible magic rank is 10.
The higher the applied magic rank, the higher the fatigue of the user.
This means: Pro administered magic rank is the user for the duration of 1 minute so exhausted that he can not use other magic skills.
The magic rank also determines whether the magic skill was applied successfully to the specific target or whether the target is resistant to these.
(Magic resistance see "character ranking system") is the magic rank higher or equal to the rank of the level of magic resistance, then the use of magic skill successfully.
If the magic rank is lower than the rank of the level of magic resistance,,the use of magic skill is not successful and has no effect.
The magic rank also determines how often the spell for the application to be repeated.
Note: Unsuccessful use of magic skill, in the case of magic resistance still exhausts the user entirety.

Example: The user has the possibility of magic skills he learned with a maximum rank of 5 to apply.
He wants a magic skill with which it has learned to apply maximum magic rank 5.
This means: He repeats his words at least 10 comprehensive, self-invented, words 5 times and then speaks loud and clear, the English term magic skills (CALL) and the English message "rank five".
The target has the character of Magic Resistance Rank 6 or higher, the target resistance and the use of magic skill has no effect.
The target has the character of magic resistance rank less than 6, the use of magic skill is successful.
In both cases, the user can apply for a period of 5 minutes, no magic.

Termination of the use of a magic skill

If the user is interrupted while speaking to a formula for some reason or cancels the user for any reason to use a magic skill, so has the use of magic skill has no effect.
The unsuccessful use of magic skill the user still exhausted in full.
Short Summary: Pro 5 character points invested in magic skills of applicable magic rank increases by 1
Magic skills can be applied without limit under the applicable magic ranks.
Pro magic rank is selected, the user for 1 minute exhausted and can not use magic skill.
The user selects the magic of magic skill rank up to the maximum amount available to it yourself
The magic rank is restricted to a maximum of magic rank 10.
Pro Magic Rank repeatedly selected the user a self-devised formula of at least 10 words.
The magic place dominates the character of Magic Resistance Weight: The use of magic skill is successful if the magic rank> = Magic Resistance is character rank.
The announcement by the repeated per Rank magic formula is in English (see table below CALL) with the British announcement of the magic rank.
The use of magic while wearing armor made of metal is not possible.
By stopping the use of a magic skill, the user is still fully exhausted as a successful application.
Prerequisite for acquiring the skills of magic character skill access to magic skills "is.
Note: Additional magic skills are not acquired with character points, can be purchased as part of the guild skills.
(See "The Guild")

Special rules for ritual magic

The magic skill "Ritual Magic", it allows the user to actively participate in rituals.
Without this magic skills to participate in a ritual only under certain conditions is possible.
In a ritual can take one or more characters.
Magic Skills users who lack the skill "Ritual Magic" may be one, ritual masters' (see the guild skills) integrated into the ritual.
Even characters without "access to magic," 'may be involved, for one, Ritual Master' by one, ritual masters, it is possible to let the life force of a character included in a ritual.
A point has this life force of 3 magic ranks.
The money invested to life points begin only after the exhaustion of time, which was determined for the ritual, regenerate.
A magical cure in this case is not possible!
Rituals are only possible in the ritual circle.
What is the degree of depletion of the ritual participants, and whether other objects / components are required depends on the nature of the ritual and is determined by the ritual circle-SL.
However, it must be assumed that the exhaustion time to settle in rituals rather in the range of hours, not minutes.
The ritual circle is maintained constantly from one SL.
Rituals must be logged in to SL this latest one hour before.
(Recommendation. Since it usually are several rituals that are denied by the guild of magic and agreed dates, there is no guarantee that the ritual of one hour can be carried out later it) wins The necessary registration forms you in the Guild of magic.
The ritual-SL sequence determined on the basis of the ritual that the ritual was successful or not.
Through ritual magic events can be produced, which either by magic skills are not possible or not to this extent.
What rituals are there, and on the goal, the ritual is left to your imagination and your imagination.
Examples: summon creatures, magic items produced to capture magical property that cause decisions to weaken or strengthen palisade or siege weapons, etc.
Important: Magical items can be prepared in the ritual circle only by a ritual.
Magical items can be dispelled in the ritual circle permanently only by a ritual.
Applying the magic skill "Ritual Magic" is only generally possible ritual circle, as well as special places that can be earned.
On the islands there are no dragons magic items, which were not produced on the dragon islands.

3.2-magic skills - Summary

Prerequisite for the acquisition of skills is the magic
Character skill access to magic skills.

Character ability Char.Points Character ability (CALL, engl.)
Temporary "curses" page 25-26
Blindheit 1 Blindness
Schweigen 1 Mute
Taubheit 1 Deafness
Schlaf 2 Sleep
Offensive magic acting skills pages 26 - 27
Windstoss 1 Gust of Wind
Energieball 4 Energyball
Influencing skills magic page 27 - 28
Freundschaft 3 Friendship
Furcht 2 Fear
Waffe beschweren 1 Heavy Weapon
Verwirrung/Trugbilder 1 Confusion/Delusion
Wahrheit 3 Truth
Healing Magic Skills page 28 - 29
Gift neutralisieren 2 Neutralize Poison
Magische Heilung 2 Magical Healing
Directly or indirectly to the user acting magic skills page 29-23
Magie aufheben 3 Dispel Magic
Licht 1 Light
Energiefeld 3 Energyfield
Magie identifizieren 2 Identify Magic
Magische Rüstung* 4 Magical Armour
Ritualmagie* 2 Ritual Magic