Special Calls

Chapter 11 - Special Calls

Safety Calls

  • STOP must only be used with out-of-game emergency situations, for example in a fight on a slope or between tent ropes. But not if only a player's character is in danger. The STOP command is used to clarify a situation. If a person is hurt, please use MAN DOWN.
  • MAN DOWN is added to the STOP command. (Call: STOP MAN DOWN). Put one arm up into the air while calling to indicate your position. This is only used in serious emergency situations when another player has been hurt.
    Upon hearing this call, stop all fighting and make room around the hurt person.

GM Calls Concerning Gameplay

  • TIME FREEZE. Can only by used by GMs. All players stop moving, lower their heads and start humming.
  • TIME OUT. Can only by used by GMs. The game is paused and players may talk out-of-game to one another, sit down and take a break.
  • EARTHQUAKE. Can only by used by GMs or avatars. All players hearing the call have to fall down. They can get up again after 1 or 2 seconds.

Special NPC Skills and Magical Artifact Abilities

These skills will only be used by certain special NPCs. These NPCs will carry a temporary magical artifact card stating their ability.

  • FATAL WOUND. Can only by used by NPCs. The person's hit points are reduced to zero immediately, starting the 10-minute count until the player bleeds to death. Armour does not protect against this call, but it also does not sustain any damage. Healers can treat this wound as usual.
  • CRUSH. Can only by used by NPCs or a magical artifact. A successful hit destroys a shield or the complete armour in one body location. Each consecutive hit reduces the player's hit points by one. A hit to arms and legs causes a fracture, making this body part unusable - arms dangle uselessly from the body, legs are dragged behind, etc.
  • PARALYSIS. Can only by used by NPCs or a magical artifact. The affected character can neither move nor talk for 5 minutes. Armour does not protect against PARALYSIS.
  • DIRECT THROUGH. Can only by used by NPCs or a magical artifact. The affected character sustains a wound bypassing any armour. The armour sustains no damage from this.
  • MASS … (Mass spells). Can only by used by NPCs or a magical artifact. This effect can be combined with any spell (except Energy Ball, Energy Field and Magical Armor). The spell then affects all characters in the spellcaster's field of view.

Calls Concerning Gameplay

  • In-Game (IG) (German: In-Time / IT). This term describes the time a player is playing his or her character "in the game". It refers to all actions being done by the character in the game, but not neccessarily by the player in reality. This term is used to describe actions and circumstances inside the game. "Being IG" means that the character is physically present in the game and can be fully interacted with by everyone.
  • Out-of-Game (OOG) (German: Out-Time / OT). This term describes condition, time or action beyond the fictitious world, beyond the game, in the normal, real world of the player. Additionally this term is used to describe the fact that a PC or NPC is not physically involved in the action of the game. He is not to be seen by the other characters because his character is not present. This definition is used when a player is moving in the area of playing but not in the game, e.g. if his character has died and he is now going to the GM. NPCs that are needed at a specific place are going OOG to that place and than appearing physically (i.e. IG) there. Players who are moving OOG through the area have to cross their arms in front of their chest – or even better above their head – in order that everybody can see that an action is Out-Of-Game. This implies for everybody else that the player/the character is “not there”. Players are only allowed to change Out-Of-Game if the GM says so or in case of dead of the character.